Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cottage news

We have a full contingent of dragonflies now.  You can actually walk outside without a bug net.  The Mosies are still hiding in the dark corners though.  Takes a while for the eaters to enter the shadows.

Bell keeps changing the frequency for the lte here.  For a while they had 700 mhz, band 17 and then they went to 850 band 5.  I had to get a new 850 booster.  Works great, and I get 4 bars lte and about 200 kbits of data.  Yeah!

The 700 was better but I bet it takes a lot of power.

ps it is so cold and miserable here today half way through June

pps.  so now you know that if you ever run into a warmie fanatic, just smile politely and put on another sweater.

Yeah!  We the cold north, slaughtered you Americans with out Americans.  :)

final:  went home early because the weather was so yucky.  Drizzle with a million mosies.

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