Saturday, June 8, 2019

Poor fellow crucified for blasphemy


Storms are caused by the difference in temperatures.  So, a storm can be caused by extreme cold zooming down.  The carbon hypothesis assumes even warming.  No storms.  But, anything hot or wet or severe is blamed on the climate crisis.

Poor fellow.  As we go into an ice age, you won't find anybody 'official' saying anything.  We will freeze and everybody will say we are getting warmer.  Fun stuff.

ps.  David Evans showed up in the comments.  I repeat, I am not denying anything in their world of Aristotle Pronouncement Science.  I am in my own little world of the Scientific Method.  And I am enjoying the warmth right now.


David Evans said...

We already have even warming from the Sun. That's what drives the storms. More warming, more storms.

Anonymous said...

And pravda is truth. How dare anyone blaspheme the religious dogma that is climate change with real science.

David Evans said...

I don't see any real science here. Let me explain a little further.
The Sun supplies the energy to cause storms and weather events. For instance, by warming the tropical seas which causes hurricanes.
CO2 increases the proportion of the Sun's energy that stays on the surface and in the lower atmosphere. Logically, then, it should cause more and more intense storms and weather events.. For instance, by warming the tropical seas more.
We are seeing the CO2 in the atmosphere increasing. We are seeing the seas warming and global temperature rising. We are seeing more extreme weather. We are seeing sea levels rise.
What is your real science that explains all this away?

Harold Asmis said...

OMG, I actually have a Defender of the Faith here? You can all make very convincing arguments. I just want the Scientific Method, a hypothesis, and some simple physics experiments. I don't deny anything. By the way, it's getting colder...

David Evans said...

No, I want the person who claims he has real science to tell me what it is. You can do a simple physics experiment to show that CO2 absorbs infrared. You can't do a simple physics experiment to simulate the climate of an entire planet. Planets are not simple.

Hypothesis: If CO2 concentrations increase in the atmosphere the global temperature will rise.
Data: CO2 has in fact risen steadily since 1958 when monitoring started in Hawaii.

Prediction: global temperature should have risen over that period (not tracking CO2 exactly because there are other factors such as volcanoes, the solar cycle and El Nino)
Result: global temperature has in fact risen. For instance:

Harold Asmis said...

I can't argue with you, and this house of cards collapses.