Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Arctic ice volume to follow last year

This is amazing.  The Arctic ice volume curve is following 2018 which was a huge year for ice.  But you can see how last year dove under the pack in November when our little El Nino hit.  Then it was struggling with a downward offset in 2019.  Now it is Trumpy Unfettered as the summer comes in.

There is no warmth in the Pacific and no sign of an El Nino.  So I expect it to go above 2018 come November.  But we are still going to get 'Arctic Melting' news articles for another year or so.  Who reads these charts anyway?

ps.  a cold wind from the NW threatened to make us quite cold for the next week or two.  But suddenly, a pulse of warmth from the Gulf blocked it, like with football.

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