Thursday, May 7, 2020

Zoom Physics - Nuclear -- The Chinese Finger Trap

Yeah!  I like doing these things.  Don't ever raise this issue with anybody in charge.  None of them know physics, and they have instant denials at the ready.

I always do these things so that not many people understand, and denials are easy.

Since they are duplicating everything the same, they are still at the edge of chaotic instability and huge damage.  I give it 50% chance that they will get destruction even with the 7 vane pump.  We can just wait and see for them to pump it up full blast.  It could also be completely quiet, or the same level of vibration for a short life.

ps.  I'm not doing anything on the solution because of the fact there is a reasonable chance that everything is perfect.  It can all go into the mists of time.

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