Friday, May 22, 2020

Warmie heat waves start

Yeah, I was worried we'll have a June of 82, which was horribly cold.

The Pacific Ocean has given up transporting any heat to us.  Thus, we have no action in the tropical air plumes.  This leaves us exposed to 'Continental Air' or what I call 'Default Weather'.  This means early 'Warmie Heat Waves'.  I'm reading the articles, and they are so happy!  Let's forget the charts (ice age) for now.

At the cottage, it is a blackfly nightmare.  We are going up again, and we hope our 'airforce' of dragonflies decides to scramble.

ps.  this is when I shut down on warmie bashing.  They own the summer.  I'll start when the snow starts from November to May.  Meanwhile, earthquakes seem to be picking up, my other 'love'.


Penny said...

Hey Geofish
yup, it got warm
our plants are finally happy
don't complain about the black flies too much
Or Doug Ford will come to your cottage, check the plumbing and make cheesecake
He just wants to help everybody so much. rolls eyes

Harold Asmis said...

He can also sing.