Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Downside of Rationality

I'm big on rationality and tracking 'Grand Stupidities', but you should never get angry about stupidity.  The alternatives are questionable.

I won't mention any names because then I'll be accused of being a pedo-estrian, or whatever.  By sheer force of personality, he was able to create islands of rationality.  Just compare spaceyx to nutsa.  One follows physics, the other is bureaucratic hell.

But, there is a chance that great people are 'intellectual depressives' like myself.  With self-treatment like booze or lsd, they eventually go nuts.  Many blow their heads off, or other heads.  When you take the serotonin anti-depression drugs, your amazing brilliance goes down a notch.  Time to retire.

But if he doesn't retire and form a charity foundation, then we can see 'great' things down the road.  :)

 However, you can see the results when the nutsy people leave.  The lawyers and English Majors take over.

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Penny said...

Never A Straight Answer?
As is commonly stated- hehehe