Monday, May 4, 2020

Zoom physics -- Evolution -- Part 3 -- Dust Bunnies

The original thought came from my snowflake idea that turbulence is important for life.  So we have dust bunnies instead of noodles.

Biologists don't do math and physics, they gave up on that in high school. Also 'origin of life' just doesn't get the PR departments of the universities excited.  Everybody just accepts some grand theory like 'Life' came from space.  Yeah!

Right now, the 'war of molecules' is against the elements, soon it will get vicious.  :)

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Penny said...

Okay, poor Marvin first off. He kept getting killed off :(

Were going from a single cell to strength in numbers (mutating?)
Or multiplying?
So as the 'dust bunny' get's bigger it can withstand the hardships brought on my the environment- until.. there is some type of fail that causes the 'dust bunny' to deteriorate? This could be a snowflake too. Because it is the turbulence that forms the flake as well as the dust bunny, but, then another factor causes the fail.

I'll watch again and then need to watch the next one to see the conclusion.