Sunday, May 3, 2020

May 3, my birthday, and it's cold

Okay, I thought the Pacific air would break through and give us warmth for my birthday.  Now, we have nice warm days, freezing nights.  Not time to put in plants.  I'm not even putting tomatoes under the greenhouse, like I did the last few years.

The energy plumes are all coming down from the NW, fighting the warm air from the Gulf.

And quell horreur, we've got another blue bulge coming down on us.


ps.  birthday gifts to you.

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Penny said...

Happy Birthday!

You might get a nicer day today then we've had the past little bit!

Round here were supposed to hit 22C- the global warming nutcases will be out shouting it's global warming look- after a spring with near obscene cold and snow- still wearing multiple layers of clothing up until today? Hopefully?

Enjoy your day!

PS: It's my dad's bday this month as well (he'll be 85) I think you have a ways to go before your the same age, but he likes to garden a whole lot too.