Friday, May 8, 2020

Coming ice age may get rid of Cherry Trees

I sprayed the fruit trees with water tonight in a hope that it will save the blossoms.  In Toronto we are going to -5C.  So I just wanted to read a nice warmie story.  They always use stories instead of charts.  It makes me feel warm and comfy.

If only we could live on stories forever.  But tomorrow I'll have to crack the ice out of the buckets.  I don't mind not going to the cottage on the May long weekend, because I probably couldn't start the water pump, because of the risk of freezing.

Even as the ice crunched over Toronto 10,000 years ago, I'm sure somebody could have reported a story about heat somewhere in the world.  I shall dream of it tonight.

ps.  if you want a review of 'polar vortex' do a search in the box on the right.

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