Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A kinder, gentler social Internet


I'm not that optimistic.  Every social effort on the Internet has dragged people down into the gutter.  It becomes dominated by the bad actors who have an agenda, and make money from being rotten.  Nobody gets money for being postive.

Google made all it's money from the sleaziest, scammiest ads ever.  Amazon makes all its money from sleaze with their cloud service.  And we know all about Facebook.  The Internet makes the British tabloids look good.  Even Fox has had enough with Trump.  And Twitter is a bane on Civil Society.

The problem is that all the wonderful intentions of Mr. Tim need money.  I had proposed 'Canadabis Plus'  funded by the Canadian cannabis industry.  This could be great.  I would add daily draws for juice for positive people.  The extremes of left and right need not apply.

And I'm wondering about ads.  Is there an ad that is any good?  If we could rip apart ads on C+ would they pay us any money?  My experience with getting money out of Google tells me no.  

Perhaps gov't would pay, but they are severely constrained by the 'opinion of the day'.  If there is a twitter-storm about something that someone objects to, then the weaklings react.  How would Trudy react to my request for more physics on the Carbon Hypothesis?

In short, I'm asking Google, Amazon, Canadabis to give me lots of money and I'll think of something.  :)  

ps.  Ha, I am an intellectual depressive.  Doing anything like this means you have to fight stupidity.  And I can't do that.  I would need a battery of 'stupidity fighters', and I couldn't keep them together.

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