Sunday, November 11, 2018

Legalize Physics in Ontario

In many places, like Montreal and the UK, basic physics is a Class One forbidden drug.  But in Ontario, we can legalize physics, not the Aristotle kind, but Galileo.  That means experimenting with sacred Aristotle assumptions. 

For our Made in Ontario Climate Solution, I have asked for for 1% of 1% of the trillion dollars gone down the drain in the name of carbon reduction.  Physics could be legal again, or at least talked about while we freeze.

It is sad for us in Ontario that billions have gone wasted.  Think of the Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere.  Think of all those solar cells up in Huntsville, under 10 feet of snow.  It is a fact that we are rounding over our little warm period.  At least, we if use a 10 year sliding window average, we are well below the carbon projections.

With that tiny bit of money, we'll engage Sudbury to do experiments in Moosonee.  We need crisp, cold air.  I propose a large hybrid drone attached to a balloon.  Lots of freekin' lasers!  On a calm evening, as often as possible, we launch it.  With the balloon, the drone goes up to 50,000 feet.  Lasers are measuring CO2 attenuation.  The balloon detaches, and the drone falls in a stable manner to 5,000 feet.  Lots of measurements.  Then the drone flies back to base. 

There are many simple experiments that can be done with this.  The drone can carry a big, reusable package.  This is much better than NASA balloons, which don't measure squat.

In fact, it will be fun to ask nasa advice.  They'll be in a difficult position.

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