Saturday, November 24, 2018

UK weather tabloids

Right next to 'GIANT ASTEROIDS ABOUT TO KILL US ALL'  but maybe we'll all 'FREEZE TO DEATH' before that.

But, these guys are totally reliable when they agree with me.  :)

I didn't bother actually reading it, and I don't recommend you do it either.  But I had a nice discussion in the Guard where I just said we could use some more money for direct physics measurements.  They said 'Name one physics organization that agrees with you.'.  I said 'Name one organization that would touch this with a ten foot pole.'.  I called it the 'third rail of death'.  They'll probably say that the silence proves it.  They also said that all the physics has been done 150 years ago.

If this cold pans out, we'll see what they say.  I predicted a while ago that without the Gulf Stream they'll have the weather of Labrador.  They didn't know the weather of Labrador, and are about to find out.

ps. Oh, they just coined 'Pest from the West', and I was trying so hard to thing of something.  :)

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