Friday, April 23, 2021

An ice-cold May and June

 Prepare yourself!

This is a great little fire pit, 16 inches across.  I have a standard gas one, but it's for drinking white wine on a warm night.  This one is hot, and is good in the sun at 10C.

The wood pellets are expensive, but good, so I'm mixing in some pine waste, like pine cones and dried little branches.  I'm going to try some old cedar pieces.

These are apple wood pellets.  The firepit is designed for these.

You need this firestarter for the pellets.  It's the best I've ever seen.  You just light the packets and it gives a hot, clean flame.

The key to smokelessness is to keep a flame going in the pit.  Then you add small amounts of pellets or waste dry wood.  As long as there is a good flame, there's no smoke.  Don't throw in a big wad of pellets at once, like I did!

Enjoy the ice age and laugh at the warmies who will still be clinging to their faith, as the ice comes rumbling down.  :)

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