Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear CRA

 Dear CRA, I am sorry that you are so screwed up right now.  The average time to contact you by phone is 3 days, and we are trying.

You have accepted last years rrsp deduction in the downloaded tax information, but in another letter you do not accept it.  I sent you the forms on your fancy system, but you did not receive them.

I'm not paying the outrageous amount you want.  We shall wait to see if anything can get through to you.  Thanks for your attention.  -- not.

ps.  to eat humble pie I now discover there was an issue on my part.  darn.  Anyway, they hang up on you now, they don't want to keep 10,000 calls waiting.  :)

pps. Yeah, after 3 days we got through to the first level, now it's a 3 hour wait to the next level.

more:  she transferred us to the guy she swore would know all about 'Box 67', and we waited 3 hours.  Nope, he was just another 1st level, and said there was nothing he could do.  blah.

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