Sunday, April 11, 2021

The fun of covid evolution

 There can be nothing more leftie than 'evolution'.  Before we had anti-maskers, vaxers, etc, we had 'creationists'.  The left was fully mobilized to attack this.  But they had a philosophical view of evolution, as a happy place, where equality ruled and nobody consumed too much.

Unfortunately, evolution is not a happy Marxie village.  The physics view is that it is nasty stuff.  Not a place for Aristotle philosophers to discuss things over coffee.  Evolution must proceed one molecular shift at a time, and each shift must be an advantage.  Everything else dies.

We shall assume that covid was happily infecting Mongolian Marmots.  People were harvesting them for food, and keeping them under horrendous conditions in cages.  A population could infect humans and go back and forth to the animals.  Eventually, the population went out to humans only.

But this population was not uniform.  It had many variations, like left-handed people.  Under certain conditions like Chinese markets, one variation was dominant.  Different conditions made others the main squeeze.

I hate to say that the mass movement to masks changed conditions.  Advantage went to those variations that could get through masks when shouting, and hit the eyes.

This is where we are now.  We had a variation that existed, probably by reproducing best, and now we have 'sneak' variations, all caused by half-way measures like masks.  We could have killed it with eye protection.

But the worst is yet to come.  The vaccination rate will stall at 50%.  Who will want to take a depressing vaccine when other jerks will do it.  No death will come to me.  That's when we get a variation that survives with half the people vaccinated, and then there will come a major mutation that gets through the vaccine.  This was all outlined in a great paper - "99 is not 100".  

With our half-measures, the only relief will come when a lot of people are dead, and the remainder are resistant.  Nothing the doctors have done will have made a difference, all because they forgot about human nature.  Of course, then we get hit by something completely different.

With the leftie doctor biologists in charge, they may want to drift to a police state where they have the power.  I would rather have incentives to vaccinate, and to use physics, but that is not possible.  This may go down in history as the greatest stupidity yet.  I'm not worried, I'll take the new vaccine every few months, and shut up when they tell me.  


Harold Asmis said...

I think hitting only 50% vaccination is a death sentence for many. It won't do anything and will provide success for any mutation that changes the attraction proteins. Yeah. These things are like mice. You have to go at them with many fronts to wipe them out.

Harold Asmis said...

It's funny that Russia is a police state where everybody drinks vodka and nobody is going to get a sputty vaccine. China is a total mass-killing police state where they can force people to take the vaccine. It's all or nothing. :)

Harold Asmis said...

Whoops, the Chinese vaccine is 30%

Harold Asmis said...

Now they are saying 50%, which is where Canada will get stuck. It's the same with 'everybody' taking a crap vaccine, or 50% taking a 97% one.

Anonymous said...

Go get your "vaccination." Do it ASAP.

Harold Asmis said...

Well, I got the vaccine. I think that somewhere there is a point where the vaccine wipes out the disease, say 80%. And somewhere there is a low response where we make things much worse, say 40%