Thursday, April 1, 2021

Tropical plumes heat Europe, confirming warmie-ism



This is a great piece of work.  They found a place that will be warm for a few days, and went to town with it.

The tropical plumes are hammering Europe and missing the UK

In the article, you see all the charts I usually post, but in a wonderful manner to make their point.

It’s the latest in a series of heat records that are disproportionately outpacing the occurrence of cold extremes, largely the product of a changing climate and a planet whose temperatures are skewed hot.

That is their main point and they just made it up.  What chart is showing 'skewed hot'?  None.  The charts that handle this are showing a global trend to cold.  'Skewed Cold' we should say, if that statement actually meant anything.  But it is good warmie stuff.  I was worried for them, but if any place in the world has a warm anomaly for a day, they'll be on it.

Anyway, I like them using the charts they like.  It's better than just made-up stuff.

ps.  their featured warm zones are smaller and smaller, and shorter in time.  Soon they will be down to a single puddle of King Kong's pee.  :)

pps.  the latest ocean current maps show that the Atlantic belt has stopped, as well as the Pacific.  That's probably not good.


Penny said...

Freezing here today. And snow. Blowing snow. Thankfully no accumulation.
Cold winds and temps have dropped down lower now then earlier today.
-5 C tonight and snow.
Tomorrow night forecast to be even colder at -6C

But the warmies found a warm spot! Good for them. :))

Harold Asmis said...

Swimming in the cottage in June -- "Cold, cold, cold, ah a warm spot! Wait a minute what's that goofy smile on your face? Oh, God!"