Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hypothesis -- The Pacific Heat Trapper

 Please note that philosophers will never put out a hypothesis.  That is the Scientific Method, and our warmie debaters have rejected that.  In our modern world, anybody that puts out a hypothesis, and it turns out wrong, is destroyed by twits.  So, nobody does it.

Hypothesis -- That the Pacific equatorial belt goes through cycles of absorbing and distributing heat energy.  These cycles are unstable, and can turn off and on.  A tropical volcano has the ability to trigger an off cycle.


We now have accurate, live satellite streams that show surface temperature and ocean currents.  In the past few years we have observed most of the physics of major cycles, such as an El Nino reversal.  We are now in an 'off' cycle, which is freezing the Northern Hemisphere.

When the Pacific current is in full form, it has a mechanism to absorb more solar energy.  That is because during a northern cold cycle, there appears to be no heat transfer to the south.  We have to suspect there is an 'on/off' mechanism.

I propose that violent thunderstorm action on the belt acts as a heat pipe to funnel solar heat to the ocean.  When the ocean reaches 30C, it spins off tropical plumes which warm the north.  The storms send up water vapour to an excess of 30,000 ft, and then it condenses and rains.  Normally, this would be thought of as a 'blocking agent', but the evidence suggests that it is a net importer of heat.

The western end of the Pacific is always in full action, and this can be examined with balloons, and compared with the cold end.  The hypothesis can be confirmed or dismissed.


You can see that any physics is expensive.  Far better to buy windmills.  Old Rex complains that the warmies are a 'church', but he gives no reason why, or what is necessary for things not to be church.  All the right wing is a bunch of losers.  They could demand 'Direct Measurement' and make Einstein happy.  But they just drink their beer and grouch.  :)


Penny said...

Interesting hypothesis.
Will you be expanding on it any time soon?

Penny said...

I should mention we have a frost warning for tonight- which means are pots are coming back in- we've had tomatoes outside during the day- but it appears all will be indoors tonight (thank goodness we have the space!)
are onions have started sprouting- despite the snow
the garlic is okay
we put some additional lettuce and herbs into the garden, directly.. don't know if they'll make it.

Harold Asmis said...

It just popped into my head, like the concept of an 'air glacier'. I can't really expand on it, we need full 3d mapping of heat flow in a thunderhead. There is some work on this with tornadoes. Nobody will touch world heat flow, since that hits to close to the catechisms. I'm still hoping that some money will be released since they want the 'cost of carbon', and not that noaa is in some conflict with nasa. But, I'm dreaming....

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, no physics coming. Europe is firmly under the thumb of grets, and the US is under the thumb of nasa. The right wing could have money, but they just want to kill people. Canada is broke.

Harold Asmis said...

Onions have been planted, with broccoli. Just planted the cannabis. Our asparagus is coming out. Tomatoes taken in. Too cold and windy today for my firepit.