Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Latest covid evolutions

 Yeah, biology majors are in charge of our lives!  They finally realized that wiping surfaces is useless, but we'll continue doing it, thank you very much.  They are almost saying that all covid transmission is through the air.  That's nice, but they don't add the physics.  Basically, if one transmission is at 90%, then it is the only pathway, since the other 'force' is insufficient and below noise.  That means ditch the masks, cover your coughs, and wear 'hugging' wrap-around glasses.

But, we don't do that when philosophers are in charge.  All pathways deserve attention.  Everybody is special, etc.  Time and effort grows on trees.

Here comes the best thing -- with a commie distribution of vaccines, we'll have vaccine resistance before we are anywhere near 80%.  The commie way is to 'equally' share the vaccines like grets wants to do.  Yeah!

The ruthless, effective way is to blitz the hotspots and don't allow travel.  Give people lottery tickets to take vaccines.  You must get 80% before moving on. or opening up.  Our fine, marksist way is like India, spread 10% everywhere and watch what happens.  Instant 'double variant' which has evolved around the vaccine.  And let those people travel to Canada, as 'essential workers' or essential virus carriers.

I've had my vaccine, and it should be good for a few months.  


Harold Asmis said...

Whoops, I'm in my 'complaining about stupidity' mode. Very unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

au comtraire mes amis it is much healthier to fart than to ....

Harold Asmis said...

Better out than in, I say.