Friday, April 23, 2021

Old brick houses on mush


Back to earthquakes for a minute.  It's a good thing that the philosophers don't worry about earthquakes, they all live in old brick houses on mush.  These houses flood and tilt, so it is obvious which ones they are.  I'm not revealing any secrets, and crashing property values.  

The way to handle this is to take down the house, and use very deep screw piles.  You need poured concrete walls on the side to protect from the other houses collapsing.  Don't put in a chimney.

It's not a top hazard, like a pandemic, but the hazard and risk are at least as good as any house in Los Angeles.  There, they've had so many earthquakes that all the horrible risks are already down.  If the bricks just peel off, and the structure stands, then it is not a hazard to life.

Our odds of a big earthquake is probably 1 in 1000 to one in 10000.  This earthquake takes place along the Hamilton fault and makes a mush of most of Toronto.  It is one of those things that is well below 'climate philosophy' in terms of attention.

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