Thursday, April 15, 2021

Buying a fishing magnet

 This is where you need some knowledge of physics, or just read the reviews. like I did.  Many magnets don't seem to have the advertised output.  This one does.


Just put a steel bracket across the face and watch your fingers. The outer ring of steel closes the magnet force field.  At the cottage, I was using a long horseshoe magnet with a lot of texture on the bottom.  That's a disaster because every sand grain is magnetic.  Lots of iron at the lake, good for the health.

This design promises to be easier to knock off all the sand.  I use the magnet to pick up the nails near our traditional beach burning place.  Also great for when you fixing something on the dock and whoops...

Just don't forget to put some locktite on the thread of the eyelet.  Many sad stories about that.  In the 50's we some people used to dump iron in the deep part of the lake.  The iron-eating bacteria  are ferocious in the lake and everything would be eaten in a couple of years.

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