Sunday, September 25, 2022

Northern Hemisphere gets cold

 The world bank guy got crucified the other day.  If asked the question 'Are you a climate denier?' then treat it like cancer.  The proper answer is NO.  And don't offer any clarification as they try to drill in.

There are two truths in the world - that of popular opinion, or the lynch mob.  And that of the Scientific Method.  There is a bit of muck at the middle, where they try to combine Popular Science, that controlled by the consensus of self-interest.  It's the same with 'Creation Science'.

If your livelihood depends on the popular people, then stick with popular opinion.  There is very little reason to go to the Scientific Method, it won't get you the girl.  I've used it to great effect to get the little kids to sleep.

These are the world minimum temperatures, and show the north hemi freezing up like it should.  There is a super cold air blob about to hit Europe.  Ouch.

The collision of the SM and the pp is always the same.  However, the big fun is trying to guess  how cold it will get before anybody says - 'Oops, my bad.'  Not going to happen.  This winter the headlines will say - 'Europe hits coldest temperatures on record - expert says it's climate change, so don't burn anything for heat.'

The Arctic ice volume has never seen a hook like that.  The pp's have fun with 'Climate Prediction' because it has never been defined.  If you say that the temperatures are going to frozen hell in a handbasket, they mungle up the definitions and say you can't say anything for 30 years.  So, no matter what the temps do, they are right.  And you can't argue with that.

ps  on the way home from the cottage, we got some honey crisp apples, c grade.  All the huge fields show a bumper crop and it looks like they only got 10 people to pick them.

pps. from the cottage neighbour - 'People in Canada are complaining the electric batteries have no power at 40 below.  However, the people in Deep South Cal, say the batteries don't work at 40 above.  :)

More, and nosa does it's logic.

This is Popular Logic.  The last few years have been 5th, 6th, etc to 10th.  Thus showing a continuing downtrend.

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