Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Both oceans continue their massive turn-over


This is the anomaly map, which is the signal on top of the average for that location.  It looks like the north is wallowing in heat.

That would be the Popular Opinion, but the north is very cold, just not as cold as usual.  You can see that the Gulf Stream is gone for the UK, and they are Labrador.

The oceans will have this pattern for at least 20 years.  That's the fun of chaos, it goes into steady patterns for a while, and then changes on a dime.  

The heatwaves were a result of the lack of ocean heat energy, and now we go into the real consequences.  The Popular People will equalize the weight between one heatwave, and a long, cold winter.  The UK and Europe will learn the meaning of 'degree day', but they will continue to under the thrall of the pp's.  


Anonymous said...

Maybe I’ve missed a post, but give me a hint on how heat waves are a consequence of lack of ocean heat?
Peter of the not so hummin lines

Harold Asmis said...

No heat energy in the oceans means no big ocean breezes to cross the continents. Without these ocean breezes, all continents act like they are northern deserts. That means extreme heat in the summer, and extreme cold in the winter. However, the cold outweighs the warmth.