Monday, September 12, 2022

Polar vortex fairies explained by lip-flapping


This is a wonderful lip-flapping extravaganza.  You can be sure it's serious by the serious tone, full of sincerity.  

However, they leave one teeny thing out.  The Polar Vortex is a 'candle in the wind'.  Although a lovely song, the candle has no effect on the wind.  You can compare the energy of the flame to that of the wind.  In order to influence something, energy has to be transferred from the influencer to that being influenced.  The polar vortex has no energy compared to the lower weather systems.  It simply cannot influence, unless you change the name to 'Polar Kardie'.  Then it influences the number of plastic surgeries.  

Lip-flapping makes up wonderful fantasies.  I love them all.  However, not that good, if it is something important like a bridge.

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