Sunday, September 18, 2022

UK to have the same winter as Anchorage, Alaska

 This is a hard prediction.  And I'll be honest enough to go back to it in the Spring, if I remember.

It all hangs on this chart of ocean temperatures.  You can count on the weather (not climate!) being related to the surrounding ocean temperatures.  I was saying the UK weather would be like Labrador, but that place is now surrounded by much colder temperatures.

So, don't go visit the UK this winter.  At least Anchorage has insulated houses.  

**in the old days before clange, the UK had the Gulf Stream and it put a strong signal into the ocean temperatures surrounding it.  Not any more.

ps.  I have decided to leave the term 'climate' to the philosophers, since there is so much discussion about the meaning, projections, etc.  Before the all the fuss, climate was only defined by looking backwards, but now it is a projection based on no physics.  

pps.  I just had the final wedding for the kids, and grandkids are popping out.  I fine time to be alive.  :)

more: using all the physics you can, you can only get a one-year forecast that is very high in uncertainty.  However, using lip-flapping you can get a 30 year forecast with no uncertainty.  :)

final word:  thanks to everybody to make this my most viral post ever, well beyond the usual 6.

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