Wednesday, September 21, 2022

State of the oceans - Sept 20, 2022


This is the weekly ocean current chart.  It is made from the drift of thousands of Argo floats.  The resolution varies with the density of floats.  I just use it to check on the larger patterns.  Ocean currents have the true concept of momentum or persistence, and they can't turn on a dime.  

When the Popular People look at the world temperature chart, they secretly assign a momentum to it, so that it is perfectly logical to them to extrapolate with a straight line.  Tell that to bitscoin speculators!  The temperatures can turn quickly because they are just a measurement, and have no relation to energy or physics.

Water temperature has a specific heat, and cannot change rapidly.  I use this chart to really see what is going on.  However, you have to have tracked it for a long time, and nobody does that, except me.  The bizarre thing about a little ice age is that all the heat energy is gone, and the Sun isn't doing anything.  It hits the entire world.  Poots will have all his nuclear weapons stuck to the ground!

The dramatic thing is the equatorial ocean belts are sucking on very cold Antarctic water.  Hasn't happened since the last ice age, but who knows?  The La Nina cycle is stuck on fast forward, and I can't wait for what the pp's will say next year.  

For now, expect lots of 'cold' records to be broken.  None of this will be reported in the pp media.  With Australia a total sog, they only have California.  But they can take a rest from making things up, must be tiring.

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