Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Inflammation is what kills you


This is an important result and is what I always suspected.  I've written tons of stuff on inflammation.  Ever wonder why drinking diet coke doesn't help with the fat?  It's because the smell of sugar is as bad as eating it.  The pancreas needs to get a head start on what you are gulping down.  It does this by an instant response.

Basic physics always indicated that something was going and now we have the signal.  The pancreas is activated by an inflammation factor.  This is an active radical, or oxidant, which is the exact opposite of anti-oxidants like cannabis.

People think they can be 'healthy' inside their fat suit, but it isn't the case.  Fat cells are always inflamed and put out a lot of chronic inflammation.  Those proteins attack everything, including the major organs.  It's ironic that the pancreas needs to be attacked to produce insulin.  

In it's happy form, inflammation is supposed to help deal with injuries.  Now we find that the body has other uses for the inflammation signals.  Wow!

If you are sick and go to the downtown doctors, they will pour in a lot of cortisone steroid.  They feel that inflammation is the worse evil.  Cut down on inflammation and take my cannabis oil.  :)

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