Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tropical plumes miss UK, muck around in Europe


A while ago I made the prediction that the UK would now be Labrador.  That's because the Gulf Stream has gone away.  You'll never find that in the regular group-think, because it is too painful to think of.

When we had the gs, you could see the plume channel up and always hit UK directly.  They lived in an unstable Fool's Paradise.  Just like California, but only in warmth.

ps.  today is the start of the lake trout season.  A few boats out, doesn't look like anybody is catching anything.  Neighbour has a fancy new scanner showing huge lakers all hanging at 50 feet, and they never bite at that depth, they just sleep.

pps.  yeah, a lake trout showed up in our kitchen.

more. since I am freezing this morning at the cottage, I've decided to let the warmies have the summer.

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