Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Pest Repeller That Works



I got them when they were on sale.  You should wait.  I enjoyed reading the reviews and all the little experiments people did.  I'm really getting them for the cottage, which will be a test.  I'm not too sure how the dog is reacting, because I put them in the garage, and didn't throw her in.

These things have never worked in the past, but they may have hit the sweet spot with these.  To be scientific, I would have liked a full lab report with the frequency range, and power output.  You can't tell whether they are really throwing anything out.

My experiment was with my microgreens.  I've been fighting little fruit flies all winter.  I put this in and they were gone.  Could be that they were leaving anyway.  

The physics is good that at some frequency, their little brains start to resonate, but who knows?  At the cottage, I'll just plug them in when we leave (for the dog), and see if the place isn't full of bugs when we come back.  A proper dog test is just too cruel.

If you actually have a place with reliable bugs and mice, then try them out.   As usual, if you want to see the ammie ad, then you have to turn off the ad blocker for my blog.

ps.  I just did the dog test when she walked by one in the garage.  No ear flicks or anything.

pps.  wow.  I opened the grow tent and one micro fly shot out into the freezing cold, committing suicide.

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