Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Back to standard clippers

 The Toronto forecast only had one night of cold, and now it is extended.

This is a common pattern, with the tropical plumes hitting high.

The wind is coming down from the Yukon and dragging the cold along.  My blob hypothesis only involved -50 air which may have unusual properties.  Mainly that it become more resistant to convection, and being shifted by the wind.  That was demonstrated by the tropical winds 'bouncing off' that type of air mass.  Anyway, we have cold for now.

The general forecast is for a warm March.  I doubt it.


Brent said...

Whats with the ice in Antarctica.

Harold Asmis said...


Not much going on. They always make a big deal when a piece of ice breaks off, but that can be with a very healthy glacier. The ice builds up with snow, and the ice flows. The temperature hasn't changed in historic time. Same with Greenland, they can't measure the total volume of ice. Everything is just lip-flapping.

Anonymous said...

All that lip flapping produces massive amounts of CO2 if they all shut up LEVELS would drop dramatically and the planet would saved.