Sunday, March 28, 2021

Last blob attack at the old saloon


The weather people have this as a one-day attack where you have to cover your garden hose spigot, and take in the plants.  There is a lot of black behind it, so it might be more.

The Arctic is still strong, and the ice volume is still shooting up.  No tropical plumes have managed so far to get past the ice lock.  We can expect another attack, maybe, but I put up the title to make the warmies happy.


Penny said...

I see were headed colder this week. Starting Wednesday and continuing for at least a few days...with nights quite cold.

that darn blob!

Yesterday we were out walking and the snakes were out in droves or blobs, whichever?
Lots of snakes. Ya know when the leaves move and you hear them rustling and there are snakes of every colour slithering about?
Like that!

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, my wife just *loves* Snake Day. :)