Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Blob stalls against a direct tropical jet


Neato, you never see the bottom edge of the blob as straight as a ruler.  

We have a direct jet from the Gulf, which I haven't seen before, either.  Of course, my memory is crap.  A good blob attack has to slip between the strong tropical plumes.  We also have the Great Lakes which have stopped every blob so far.

But this blob has a lot of cold behind it, and the plumes are ephemeral.  Lets wait a few days.

ps.  and the ice volume is following the old lines and not the warmie warm spell.  Winter still has some fun for us.

pps.  the downside of proving the warmies to be wrong is not pleasant.  Sooner or later they will adjust 'The Narrative' to have a 'temporary' cold spell caused by La Nina.  

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