Saturday, March 6, 2021

Time to plant your tomato seeds

 This year, seeds are ridiculous.  If you haven't ordered your seeds by now, you're probably SOL.  The super-fancy tomato seeds seem to come in smaller and smaller amounts.  If you are a city gardener, you need the seeds with every type of disease resistance.  Only buy the seeds that grow tall on poles, which are frustratingly called 'determinate' or 'indeterminate', and I can never remember which.  I wish they just called them 'pole' or 'bush', like the beans.

So, you get out your seed flats, and you fill them with Miraclegro soil from Costco.  Then you pour on some water, and add more dry soil because you always put in too much water.

Sprinkle the seeds on the flats and label them.  Put a clear plastic cover on, or saran wrap.  Put the flats in the furnace room and wait about a week.

I also did onion seeds which is new for us.  As well, do your cannabis seeds.  I only have two left over from last year, I hope they are good.  Or else, it's time to order.  They always have lots of seeds, since it is totally illegal.  If you want seeds, then get a souvenir pack of 'beads' from CropKing seeds.  I have no hope for the legal seeds, since they are meant for commercial growers.  Everybody likes a different type of cannabis plant.

Last year, my hash plants went ballistic, and two plants are enough for anybody.  Only pick the buds as you can process them.  I picked them all at once, and the big juicy buds immediately started to rot.

As soon as you see the green on the flats, put them under lights.  When they get about 2 inches high, transplant each one into a small seedling pot.  Label them well.  Standard magic marker fades on cheap plastic in the sun.  I know how difficult that makes life.  :(

With your cannabis seeds, get the 'feminized' ones.  It's too late to sort out males.  In a bunch of seeds you'll find some 'super growers'.  These are the ones you want.  If you are lucky then, you can take cuttings and give them to friends.  Throw out the miserable ones.

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