Sunday, March 7, 2021

Ocean currents -- March 7, 2021


I just do these for the record.  I'm sorry that I didn't record the great 2016 el nino.  That was fantastic.  I did record the great Halfsie El Nino that hit last year.  As well as the great under-Arctic current, all of which were ignored.

Our Arctic blob is going away.  As we know from Texas, this cold zone is caused by a melting Arctic at 50 below.  Geez, why doesn't anybody question these guys?  

But the Arctic isn't quite as cold as before, so maybe no more blob attacks?  

The Arctic ice extent curve is quite wobbly, that's because extent is totally dependent on the ocean currents in that last piece of open water above Scandinavia.

The ice volume is still building up, but it's not going to get into record territory.  That's because it go so low last year with that weird Pacific current.  However, it is a record in 'crossing lines' or rate of increase.  This is a good physics measure because they can penetrate the entire ice with radar.  All 'statements' on Greenland or Antarctica are phoney because they can't get the volume.


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thanks for the updates!

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