Sunday, March 21, 2021

The final attack on Texas


I like to call them early, even when there is only a 10% chance.  But this looks good.  

From the mimic you can see it's starting to move at a fair clip.  All the black zones are piling in.  This is a full attack.

However, the Sun is now beating down on us and we are well into Spring.  There are some mighty forces on both sides.  By tomorrow, this should be a full blob, halfway down Alberta.  To have a reasonable chance on Texas, it should get to -40 in Edmonton.  

Most likely, it will be beaten back at the US border.  But that isn't very exciting. :)

ps.  the weather people will tell you that the Jet Stream is a giant 'Rabbit-Proof Fence'  with lots of holes, but it isn't.

pps.  the surface winds are all heading to the blob like a covid party.

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