Saturday, March 13, 2021

Great Sciences of the Past - Phrenology Part 1

 I am officially declaring 'Atmospheric Physics' to be depressing.  Who wants to know that we are plunging into an Ice Age, and there's nothing we can do.  Far better to put up pretty windmills, and beat up on  the oil companies.  So, I am leaving all that behind, in an attempt to get more than 10 readers, without people trying to kill me.

I am interested in the forces that started a 'Declarative Science', and how it ended.  Anything from history has nothing to do with today.  We all know that.

This is Part 1 because I have to walk the dog.  This series just looks at the historical context of past Declarative Sciences, and I do not want to bring these horrible things back to life.

-end of Part 1

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Penny said...

this should be interesting, however I still like your original content
so don't give up on it!