Friday, March 12, 2021

Investments for an Ice Age

 This is satirical.  I have never been right with investments.  But, we have to do something, now that the NOAA Big Red Line is plunging down to cold hell.  Most of the world will be content to think it will bounce back up again, like silver after the Hunt brothers.

Tesla -- gone.  This was a stupid idea, all based on explosive batteries that give China power over the world.

Spacex -- up.  We'll all be snowed in, and we need our Internet.

Carbon Capture -- gone.  They can capture carbon from the air at a claimed $200 a ton, but if you look at the details, it's probably twice that.

Windmills -- gone.  They kill all the birds, and can't run half the time.  Again, all control to China.

Solar cells -- gone.  They produce more horrible effects being made, than they can ever recover.  We have to chop down trees for more land.  Totally dependent on China.

Fiber Optics - up.  Underground fiber will survive the ice.

Insulation -- up.  Texas needs a lot.

Natural gas -- up.  You have to keep warm.  Frack gas, however, will cause earthquakes.

Air conditioning -- up.  It's a funny thing that the colder we get, the hotter will be July.

Nuclear power -- gone.  Nothing to do with climate, it is just bureaucratic stupidity.

Europe -- gone.  They'll just think up another stupid fad.

ps.  please note that I do not deny 'Faith of Carbon Warmth'.  It is a powerful religion with many nasty zealots.  I just leave it alone, and enter 'The Scientific Method'.  That is totally isolated from faith, and has no part in the modern FB and Twit world.


Brent said...

Your on a roll. I need one on housing to be complete. You never talk on stock market but who knows.

Harold Asmis said...

I'm done on the roll. I'll get my usual 10 readers. I just couldn't fit in housing, but maybe:

Toronto Housing - down. Houses don't do well under the ice.

Harold Asmis said...

geez that was cold walking the dog tonight. I expect to be totally silent for the rest of the month, as the 'faithful' ignore the new charts. We must expect only happiness.

Neil T said...

10 readers!!! That's a 25% increase in readership in a year. Elon will be along shortly to buy you out.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, ha.