Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cold Blob Just Mucking Around

 This is the end of the blob series.  Not with a bang but a whimper.

It's just going to hang around and give us some cool weather and rain.  It's being hit by a massive warm plume from the Gulf.

Totally not interesting.  You might as well go back to tickytock.  Still lots of black blobs.  Maybe another attempt next week.

ps.  meanwhile the Arctic ice volume is amazing.  It is going to smash into the average band and set a new record.  No tropical plumes are getting on top of the ice.

and the UK is freezing.  None of those tropical plumes want to visit.

pps.  that's probably it for me until April 1, when the sea levels come out.  I'm expecting a big drop since there isn't a single warm place in the world, and no warmie tales.  I'm also expecting a ridiculous drop in world temperatures, since I think we are witnessing history.  (again).  :)

more:  for Penny, it's okay to bring out the hose now.  I just did.  The sun is very strong now, and should keep the blobs away.  If there is a very cold night at 10 below, just cover the faucet and let it drip.

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