Friday, February 28, 2020

Trumps Gags the US about cronyvirus


This is his defining moment.  Sarsy-ish is making him look bad.  So, everything goes through an idiot-office.  There are no sharks in the water, and we're not looking!

Just wait until this gets into the US third-world healthcare for the working poor (read black).  It will be a blood-bath.  And stop all funding until a white billionaire gets it.

ps when this breaks out in the US and starts killing people, then we should officially call it Cronyvirus, because of all the mindless cronies in charge.

pps.  I have a cold and am self-isolating.  :(

more:  trumps statement has started a full-blown panic in the US.  He should go on twits to say he has everything under control and there is no need to panic.  Better, he should appear wearing a mask and say there is no need to wear one.  :)

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