Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Roger's Ignite comes in a 50% off Bell fiber

So, I pay $150 a month for a 'clean' 1 Gigabit direct fiber connection.  That connection is solid and has never dropped.  The Rogers guy came, and claimed he was a manager, and would give 1G for $95, but I couldn't tell anybody about it.

I said "You didn't do anything to the rat-infested 50 year old cables behind my place.  He say we put fiber blocks at the end of each line and we zoomed up the frequency of the cables.  These are the cables that go out every time it rains and they have old rain protectors on them that are falling off.

Quick research shows that my impression of the physics is correct.  Goes off every time it rains.  That 1G has to be shared along the whole street, since the old cable can't carry any more.  Everybody is having trouble.

I need the muskie system to hammer down Bell.  Maybe another company can ride on their fiber.

ps.  that should be '50% less'.  I always muck up on that.

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