Saturday, February 1, 2020

Fed computer systems face rusting out


What we need are new systems like computer payroll and the Ottawa LRT.  Or Presto.  These are all fine things.  Normally, a fine designer such as myself would love to take this all over, but any bright person can't get into this without wanting to kill themselves.

So, we leave it to brain-dead people who can survive and then go with the big consultants who take over the rust.

ps.  anybody with brains has gone into the 'forensic engineering' business.  Those guys can't build anything, but they just say what the first poor fool said, before he went to the loony house. 


Anonymous said...

Lol. Love my IBM 360 and the army of IT boffins Ive hired to keep it pasted together. My rotary dial phone and edsel are cool too.

Harold Asmis said...

And I'll fight to the death anybody who doesn't want to use COBOL.