Saturday, February 29, 2020

His Trumpness sets off full-blown US mask panic


Trump has said 'Do not panic, and I never lie.'  His has put a wooden monkey in charge of stopping the virus.  What are the consequences?

It's neat that if you are a compulsive liar, then nobody will believe you if you utter a truth now and then.  Boy who cried wolf?

Luckily for Toronto, we had our mask panic a month ago.  People were ordering masks from all the remote areas of Canada where they hadn't heard any news for months.  Now all the masks are gone, which saves us from US buyers.  :)

I was expecting a trumpian stock correction in January.  I had everything in money funds.  Now I'm going back to the stock market.  It still has more to drop, but an ordinary person can't time these things to very bottom because of time lags.

As I have said before, the only thing that can knock down trumpyism is a huge economic drop or a natural disaster.  Nobody will believe him.  I was thinking of a huge Oklahoma earthquake, but that threat has gone.

Now the US is going into a recession bigger than 2008.  Go Bernie!  :)  You can't do any worse.


The vice president faced backlash on Friday as it was revealed his plans to travel to Florida for a Republican fundraising event. Attendees could pay $5,000 to get a selfie with the vice president at the event. 

Anticipating backlash, Pence's team scheduled meetings to address the coronavirus in Florida. There are no known cases in the state. 

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