Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Wonderful Jet Stream

There is a misconception, especially in the UK, that the jet stream is an energetic object, like the Gulf Stream.  It is not.  It is a reaction to Arctic cold meeting tropical warmth.

That's the classical representation of the jet stream, carrying energy and weather across the North.  In the UK it is the number one 'thing' that brings in weather.

If we look at the Canadian map, it is always at the boundary between Arctic and tropical air.

It is a boundary phenomenon and not a current.  They are plotting the horizontal component of a complex cylindrical vortex.  Jet planes can 'sail' this component, just like a sailboat at an angle to the wind.

The jet stream is very complex.  But it is not a constrained current, it does not carry anything.

You can see the huge convection cells of the planet.  It makes the concept of a 'greenhouse gas' a laughing stock.  Heat loss by radiation is insignificant when there is convection.  That is probably the main reason for the jet stream being a 'thing'.  If they mentioned what it really is, then the carbonistas would have an issue, and they are very powerful.

ps.  the jet steam is a shadow.  Only trumpy believes his shadow makes him do things.  :)

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