Friday, October 12, 2018

NASA lays in new ad-hoc explanation for Arctic ice build-up

As we said before, nasa can never go back on 'greenhouse gases' in a convective atmosphere.  Their last balloon had all the sensors pointing up.  It would have been so easy to measure the direct effect of carbon, but they'll never do it.  Mainly because they know it doesn't exist.

Arctic ice is building up after a long cycle of decline.  These major temperature cycles only affect the Northern Hemisphere.  Antarctica was never bothered by it.  So, hot on the heels of "Wavy Jet Stream", we have 'New ice causes new ice build-up'.

I love these things.

ps.  I was just thinking that the brilliant young things that designed the balloon would have said "Why don't we have sensors pointing down so we can directly observe "The Great Greenhouse Effect". And nasa would have said "Shut up or we'll kill you." 

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