Saturday, October 13, 2018

Linux - Zoneminder up and running again

About a month or two ago, Zoneminder came up with a big upgrade.  This is the 'go to' security camera app for Linux.  You don't need an expensive service.  As usual, when my system upgraded, nothing worked.

This is Debian Buster, and it was busted.  However, as of today, the whole thing works again.  You just need to do a Debian install of zoneminder, and the scripts do everything.  None of those huge 'recipes' to get it to work.  It even has 'off disk' storage now.

So, I just took a cheap Chinese camera, hooked it up with Power Over Ethernet, and zoneminder found it and configured everything.  Yeah!

ps. poohey.  Running well but not writing anything.  blah.

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