Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Unboxing of first Ontario cannabis -- 200 times the cost homegrown

I just got this, and we ordered quite late.

It's a tiny bottle, 30 ml, of about 14 mg THC and 14 CBD per ml.  I have taken 1 ml to see how it compares to my stuff.

It comes with a separate dropper you can put on.

Now live --

10 minutes after - I can feel it immediately

I'm going out for a walk with the dog.

30 minutes - dog walk successful, feeling it as though its 1:1 with my stuff.  That's $2 a ml.  One plant produces a litre of my oil, according to my video.  That's $2000 per plant.  It'll have to come in really strong now, to get the costs reasonable

hour and a half -- still running at 1:1

two hours and ten minutes - this is maximum effect and it's not much.

I declare this equivalent to my stuff.  Those who wish to pay 200 times that of growing yourself can buy it.  It does all the stuff I've written about.

ps.  I gave all my stuff away|

pps.  This has a higher ratio for cbd than mine.  Effects at 5 hours and even 6.

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