Friday, October 12, 2018

Tiny El Nino petering out

Yeah, the ocean current map is back, but it wasn't updated for over a month.  It's probably a lot more work, since the US sites say they ran out of money to compile them.

This is showing the Pacific and the great reversal of current that is associated with an El Nino.  However, this one was very light, in terms of total energy.  That's because they rate an en on surface temperature, and not heat energy.

You can also see that the North Pacific current is still dead.  Most of the heat for Canada normally comes from that.

The Atlantic currents are now a total mess.  The heat energy was used up with 2 landfall hurricanes, plus a few ocean spinners.  The northern current that showed up when the Pacific heat collapsed is still very strong and bisects the Gulf Stream.  The UK will be cold.

The question of the month is whether the tiny en had an effect on global temps.  I think it slowed down the fall a little bit, but did not show up as a bulge.  We should expect a greater fall next month.  Arctic ice will continue to build.

The hurricane took a bite out of the Gulf temps.  That should be all the hurricanes for the season, but we can be surprised.  You can see that the Pacific temps are retreating. 

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