Thursday, August 4, 2022

Linux - Bricking the old machine

 I've always kept the old machine, renovated it two years ago.  I use it for storage, and processing things with Handbrake.  It was flaky and I thought it was time for a new Debian install.  But it was randomly turning off.  

I installed the basic fine, but it wasn't transferring files well.  Then I poofed it up to 'unstable' or sid.  And while it was doing that, I forgot and started to stream a movie.  A wonderful thunderstorm, and it was bricked.  

It powered up nice, but nothing on the screen, and no life on the network.  Blah, it is impossible to to diagnose, wouldn't take a live Debian usb.  I'm giving up and moving the disks to the main machine.  I'm keeping the newish power supply, and other things.  Back to just one main machine.  

I like the small-format machines but I also like big 3.5 inch 4tb disks.  So, I'll just trundle along.

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