Saturday, August 6, 2022

Ode to rotgut

 Three weddings in a row coming up.

Ode to Rotgut

Buy the whiskey in the largest plastic container.  Lasts a year.  Forties Creek is great rotgut.  Wise Deluxe is a tad better, but still rotgut.  Pour a quarter inch in my plastic glass.  Smells powerful, could remove paint.  A sip goes down burning all the way.  Hits the stomach like a mini nuclear bomb.  Want some more? No thank you.

In-laws want 12 year old scotch.  Pour some in a glass glass.  Take a sniff -- heaven!  Smells of peat, highland heather, touch of the sea.  A sip goes down without noticing it.  After finish of mountain spring water.  Want some more?  Yes, please.  Hey, what happened to the bottle?  Did I have that much?  The in-laws drank it.

Great beer from Great Likes brewery, my favourite.  They have Robocup beer, 8.5%.  Goes down like water, fine hops afterfinish.  More please.  I'll get it.  Why can't I walk?  Did I just cough up my liver?

Son from Calfornia brings $150 napa wine he won.  Hints of elder berry, cherries, wild flowers.  Sip is smooth, afterfinish is paradise on the tongue.  Want some more?  Nope, dang in-laws, or maybe me.

Stick to rotgut, honest effect on your health.  Stops all drinking after one glass.  More?  No thank you, I like to live a bit longer.  Yeah for rotgut!

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Anonymous said...

Love it, gave me a good laugh. Peter of the singin lines. They’re underground now!