Sunday, August 7, 2022

Time to party again

 After the two years of covid, I finally got to go to a big standard wedding.  It was actually a gay wedding, but everything was the same.  It's nice to socialize again, but this morning I feel I have 1 day covid.

I was talking to a lot of young female engineers.  They all have nice jobs, and nobody cares about the coming boiling of the Earth.  It was boiling at the outdoor ceremony.  When we got there, the side of the chair under the shade was full, and everybody was wondering why, until they sat in the sun.  I scored the last seat in the shade.  Too heck with those slow dudes in our group.

We must thank the stars we live in a tolerant county, and not S. Caroline.  All the young professional women should flee those states.  Leave all the shootings to Texas.

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