Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Spencer world temperatures pop up

 Over at sunspot-land, this chart won't be shown.  Spencer has us getting warmer!  I think it was those transient heat spots that appeared in the East Pacific.  The sea levels were up, as well.

Spencer is a lot more jaggedy than the other plots.  Next month will be down, if my hypothesis holds.  The other plots should be down, as well.

ps.  here's the sea level.

pps.  a hypothesis lives to be tested in a timely manner, with physical mechanisms.  It is not a grandiose 'theory of everything' that can never be tested.  Although I suspect we are headed to a 'grand cycle' of intense cold, there are many hypotheses that need to be tested with live, in-field measurements.  It's not about winning debates.

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